Fairfield Fencing Academy will be closed March 10th to support the Fairfield High Schools at Connecticut Team States this weekend.  The Squire class will be moved to Sunday at 10:00am and the Adult class will begin at 11:00am.

Congratulations to Julia Balch (right) with her Coach Jim Roberts for her Gold Medal in the Division II Women's Foil Event at the October North American Cup in Anaheim, CA. The event was out of 125 athletes representing the US, Canada, Venezuela, Chinese Taipei, Korea, and China. 

Fencing is one of the most rewarding sports there is and nothing else is quite like it.  A one on one battle that is equal parts mental as physical.  Here at the Fairfield Fencing we are passionate about helping children and people of all ages reach their potential.  Come in and try a beginner lesson today and experience this unique sport and the community that surrounds it.

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